Just one more bite?

Lately it seems I have had a run of BIG inspections.

The inspections and the writing of the reports for these big inspections is akin to eating an elephant. The only way to accomplish it, without being overwhelmed, is to go at it systematically—one bite at a time–the same way one eats an elephant.

On a recent commercial inspection, an inspection that took most of the day to inspect and another day to write the report, the eating-the-elephant analogy was useful once again.

At this inspection, in one of the several attics in the building, there was this giant wasp’s nest.

I got to thinking about the elephant and wondered if the construction of one of these nests was a bit like eating an elephant–one bite at a time. Of course wasps get LOTS of help–it is not just one mouth constructing the nest.

In a similar manner, I as the building inspector am just one “wasp” building the nest of the transaction for the whole sale. All of the different wasps have to tend to their own elephant to the best of their abilities in order for the whole nest/transaction to turn into a success.

Can you imagine trying to eat the entire transaction all in one bite? That sounds like an event more explosive than the one more bite of Monte Python’s Mr. Creosote!

Wouldn’t it to be nice if all of us involved in the transaction were as perfect as wasps? The wasp has no choice but to do a perfect job–every single time–every single bite!

Just one more bite?

By Charles Buell, Real Estate Inspections in Seattle

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