Rubber Washing Machine Hoses—POP!

If you own your own home, chances are you also own a washing machines. The majority of these washers still get connected to the water supply with rubber type hoses. These hoses are under constant house pressure and over time these rubber hoses can develop little “hematomas” that eventually will burst—of course only while you are away at work or worse yet—on vacation.

This first picture shows a small bulge on the side of the hose that is ready to burst. (Also note the very tiny leak at the valve stem nut.

Can you see the little bubble on the side of the hose?

Can you see the little bubble on the side of the hose?

Obviously if a leak were to occur this could cause hundreds to thousands of dollars worth of damage. For $30.00 worth of better hoses—-stainless steel jacketed type hoses—this can largely be avoided. Whenever I find these rubber hoses I always recommend that they be upgraded to the stainless-steel type or now there is new plastic type that manufactured by FLOODCHEK that is guaranteed to last longer for 20 years—that is longer than the washer will last.

Some of the newer stainless steel jacketed hoses also have a little sensor that shuts the water off in the event of a leak.

This is what the stainless steel hoses look like.

Stainless Steel Jacketed type washer hoses

Stainless Steel Jacketed type washer hoses

What type of hoses do you have on your washer?

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