NOT TO WORRY—-got you covered!

Sometimes the various construction trades just aren’t on the same “page.”  I guess we should be grateful if we can get them in the same “book.” 

At an inspection a while back, it was apparent that the bathroom exhaust fan was not pulling any air.  A simple test to see if a fan is pulling air is to see if it will eat a piece of tissue paper.  In this case it would not—-not even a little bite.

In the attic, the duct can clearly be seen terminating at the roof.

The exhaust duct makes it to the roof but........

The exhaust duct makes it to the roof but……..

 But, at the exterior, up on the roof—-where is the cap?

....but then were does it go?

….but then were does it go?

Sometimes this stuff is not rocket science.


By Charles Buell, Real Estate Inspections in Seattle

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