The Downspout Doctor

Is there a doctor in the house?

Well, if not a doctor, perhaps an EMT? A nurse? Even a veterinarian perhaps?

Who else could come up with this as a solution to getting the downspout water across the walkway instead of dumping next to the foundation where it might damage the foundation or flood the walkway making it slippery?

life support

While I can appreciate the effort, this approach will not work on many levels. Lots of debris goes down the downspout along with the water and just a little piece of moss will render this system non functional resulting in the gutter overflowing right where you don’t want the water anyway.

This intravenous watering of the lawn is likely not very successful.

downspout termination

Sometimes I think the only reason that things are done the way they are around homes is so that I will have unfathomable blog fodder!

By Charles Buell, Real Estate Inspections in Seattle

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  1. Additionally, there is .62 gallons of water per square foot per 1 inch of rain. If the roof is 1000 SF then 620 gallons of water hit the gutters per inch if rain. if you calculate the flow of water thru the garden hose you will see how long it takes for this tiny piece of tubing to handle that much water, might work in a mist

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