Why does it sound like someone is peeing in my crawl space?

Before I can answer that question I would have to know “who” was down in the crawl space at the time?

Nobody you say?

Oh—that’s right you said “sounds” like someone was!

When I entered the crawl space I could hear the all too common ticking sound of water dripping on the plastic ground cover.  I could see it dripping off the bottom of a pipe right under the dining room area.  It was the drain from the kitchen and the laundry beyond the kitchen. 

Looking back at the crawl space entrance I could see my client peering in after me so I asked him to go and turn the kitchen sink on.

I waited a few seconds. 

Pretty soon it became quite obvious why it did indeed sound like someone was peeing in the crawl space.


A closer view of the bottom side of the pipe revealed a rather large hole that would allow “zero” water to actually go down the drain—but instead dumped it all right in the crawl space.


I cannot imagine what could create such a big hole in this drain pipe.

Regardless the drain needs a plumber–and right now!

By Charles Buell, Real Estate Inspections in Seattle

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