You don’t know your “ape index?”

Do you have a positive or negative ape index?  I guess before you answer that question it might be a good idea to know what an ape index is–otherwise who knows where one’s mind might go.

If you are, or were, a sport climber you most likely would know what one is.  Stretch your arms out away from each other as far as you can.  If the length from finger tip to finger tip is “greater” than your height–you have a positive ape index.  If it is shorter than your height you have a negative ape index.  Most people’s have a negative ape index.

Climbers consider having a positive ape index beneficial for obvious reasons.  I was always amused by this concept because what could one do about it–bone stretching exercises?  Bring back the rack maybe?

Anyway, this post is about long reaches–and what you can do with a long reach–even for someone like me with a negative ape index.

This is a pet door in a garage door (although it could be the door to one’s home).

Pet door

Pet door

The door was locked and no one had a key so I just got down on the ground and reached through to the inside handle and un-locked it.  The buyer and agent were both shocked at not only how possible this was but that I could actually do it so easily.


All you need is an adequate ape index

I think this is good information for a buyer to know about whenever pet doors are installed in doors in homes.

While security of homes is never absolute–lets at least avoid and/or fix the obvious breaches.


By Charles Buell, Real Estate Inspections in Seattle


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